Artist Spotlight - Julie Suzanne Original Art

The thing I like best about Julie Suzanne's artwork are the delightful colours.  I find them so calming and refreshing and her art is always instantly recognizable to me whenever I see it.  This is something I aspire to as an artist myself. Julie grew up surrounded by art because her father is also an artist and she enjoyed playing and drawing in his studio in her childhood.  As you will see, her art is inspired mostly by nature and nature's colours.

Here are a few of my favourites from her current collection of work:

'Days Pass By' Original watercolour & ink illustration © Julie Suzanne 2012

I love the shade of pink used.  The white buds look lovely against it and I love all the fine details of the illustration too.  I would be happy to have this framed and hung on one of the walls in my home.

'Purple Flowers' Original watercolur & ink illustration © Julie Suzanne 2012

 The flowing watercolour background is so lovely and soft and the flowers have such personality, don't you think?

'The Morning Passed' Original watercolour & ink illustration © Julie Suzanne 2012

I would dearly love to step into this illustration, sit under that tree and watch as the morning passed.  Look at that gorgeous sky!

To see more of her work such as art pendants and notecards, you can check out Julie Suzanne's website here and her Etsy shop here.