Getting Things Done

I've recently started using a little method of getting business tasks done during busy days at home with a toddler.  This is probably not a new idea and it's quite possible that I read about something similar on a blog or in an article. What I do everyday at some point, is say to myself "What small thing can I do today that will move my business forward?" It's a simple question but I find it quite powerful.

I choose one thing to focus on that I think will really make a difference, whether it's write a blog post (not too great at this yet), list a brand new product for sale or take some product photos.   These tasks are small but getting things done in this way is much more effective for me than looking at my never ending to-do list, balking at the size of it and then realising at the end of the day that I haven't actually achieved anything.

What I find interesting about this method is that after completing one task and feeling great, I often end up completing even more tasks.  Especially those that I've been putting off for ages.  It's kind of like I gather momentum from just doing that one thing and then I miraculously get a lot more done.  By the end of the week, I've usually done at least 5 productive business tasks, feel super confident and very pleased with myself!

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So I would love to know if any of you have ever tried this method or something similar.  Do you think it might work for you?  If not, please feel free to share any productivity tips of your own in the comments.

Thank you!