Black History Month Exhibition at Embe Restaurant

Ok, I can't lie.  I've put off posting about this event for the purely silly reason that I was reluctant to display pictures of myself online.  It's partly because of security, partly because I enjoy the anonymity of the internet and partly because I really don't like having my picture taken.  Never like the look of myself in them but I've decided to get over myself already and just get on with it!  It's about the art anyway, right? So here are some photos from the event I took part in:

That's me in the middle with the Nick on the left of the picture and Tony on the right.  Nick is the owner of Embe Restaurant where the exhibition took place and Tony Nero is the lovely and popular Peterborough artist who invited me to exhibit.  Both Nick and Tony put the event together for Black History Month this year and it was much needed in Peterborough since there are not many BHM events at all.  That's my art displayed in the background :-)

I was given a bare wall and told to arrange my frames any way that I liked and this is what I came up with.  These were taken before everyone arrived:

Creativesque Art Display at Embe Restaurant

Close up of art display at Embe Restaurant

Sorry that they're not the greatest quality but below are some pictures showing a close up of my little table where I had my business cards, a couple of greeting cards and a comment book on display.

Creativesque Display Table

Creativesque's Display Table at the Embe Restaurant

The comment book was Tony's idea as he uses one whenever he exhibits.  It was great to read all the lovely comments by everyone who stopped to look at my art and have a chat.

Below is a picture of me and some of the other exhibitors with some of Tony's artwork in the background.  It was very, very cold in those rooms so I kept my coat on as much as I could!

Stacey-Ann Cole, Sonya King and Sam Soxby

That's Sonya King on the left and Sam Soxby on the right of the picture.  Sonya set up a beautiful display of decorative flowers which are perfect for weddings and Sam makes gloriously moreish confectionary.

Sonya King's Display at Embe Restaurant

Above is a pic of Sonya's beautiful flowers and below is a pic of Sam's table of delectable sweets.  I did try my best not to eat too many of the free sample sweets but.....

Soxby's Creations table at Embe Restaurant

Below is a group picture of most of us exhibitors together.  The lady on the far left is Wanja Kimani who sells gorgeous fair trade jewellery but unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her designs.  However, she exhibits at Harriet's Art Gallery in Peterborough so if you visit, be sure to look for her work as well as Tony's and many other local artists.

Exhibitors at Black History Month Event at Embe Restaurant

There was one other exhibitor who only popped in briefly on the Sunday and his name is Anselmo Pelembe whose graphic design work I photographed below.

Anselmo Pelembe's graphic design work

It was a great weekend for me as it wasn't too busy, just a nice slow trickle of people who came and stayed a while.  I learned lots, met some lovely people and even sold a couple of small pieces.  Hopefully I'll get to exhibit again soon but in the meantime I'm happy to have ticked off one of my main goals from my to do list this year :-)

Tony Nero took a lot more photos of the event which you can check out in his Flickr album here