Custom Greeting Cards

Hi, I've been asked to make several custom greeting cards this month and I thought I'd show them grouped together on my blog.  Admittedly, these requests have all come from friends but I consider it good practise for when I start offering a custom card service through my website which I have been thinking about quite a lot lately.  Making these cards for friends has helped me to refine the whole customisation process, decide whether my prices are reasonable and of course, whether I'm any good at it!  It's been a bit nervewracking because I obviously didn't want to disappoint but also fun to think up new layouts and put colours and textures together.  My friends have been quite pleased with the results and so have their recipients so I think I'm doing something right.  So without further ado, here are the cards:

[gallery link="file" orderby="rand"]

Hopefully I'll get the chance to make more, especially when I launch the service on my website in the near future.