My First Custom Orders!

I've been so pleased for the past few weeks to have been commissioned to do two paintings.  One was a small ACEO sized watercolour painting for a lovely repeat customer and the other one was from the same customer who was commissioning it for another person who I also know.  It was fun collaborating with her to come up with a painting that we both thought she would love. Here is the ACEO, which was based on another one I sold to her before:

This is the one it is based upon:

This is the larger painting which was sent to Akua who owns and runs The Sheabutter Cottage where I buy really high quality, fair trade shea butter from on a regular basis:

I'm pleased to say that she loved it and to have such happy customers has really boosted my confidence and I'm no longer as apprehensive about custom orders as I once was.

In fact, I'm working on another one right now for the same customer!