Some Coriandr Favourites


I'm loving the variety of items available on Coriandr lately.  Here are some of my current favourites:

Chocolate Earrings by Lilyja.  Aren't they scrumptious?  I love how complicated and interesting they look, not to mention the colours.

Coffee Squares Fused Glass Bowl by bluefairy.  I had a look in the homewares section of Coriandr since I don't usually look there and this bowl caught my eye.  I love the co-ordinating colours and the little bubbles visible in the glass!

Silk Paper Heart by hmsdesign.  I like the whispery and delicate look of this and as suggested by the seller, it would look great swaying in the wind by a window.

That's all for now but I'll be back soon with more selections from the very talented Coriandr sellers.