Handmade by me custom stamp

I ordered a 'Handmade by....' custom stamp by Vistaprint the other day because I've wanted one for a while now to brand my paper products.  It was delivered on Saturday and it cost me less than £5 including delivery. I'm impressed with how quickly it arrived because I picked the slowest delivery option as it was the cheapest and I didn't need it urgently.

I'm mostly pleased with it, although I'm wondering if maybe I should have left off the border around the text. Here is a pic of the stamp:

I'm trying to restrain myself from stamping everything in sight, including my children's foreheads, but I do plan to use it on my greeting cards and bookmarks at the very least.

Here is how it looked when I tried it out on my sample handmade envelopes:

It very easy to assemble and use and it's amazing how when I use it, it makes the work I'm doing feel quite legitimate!