Watercolour ACEOs for Sale at MISI

I've recently joined a new online marketplace based in the UK called MISI which is short for Make It Sell It. I'm still selling under the name Miss Ann Art but I've only listed ACEOs there so far and may keep it that way.  Although I know that some online sellers duplicate their stock in different online marketplaces, I think for me it's best to list different items in different places and spread the love around in that way.

MISI has a very friendly community attached to it and the owner/administration is very visible and available.  Listing items is very easy and painless and I really hope the site does well.  There seem to be new talented sellers joining up almost daily.

Here are my two latest watercolour ACEOs for sale in my new MISI shop:

Don't ask me why I'm using so much purple and pink in my paintings as I have no idea!  Enjoy browsing through MISI.