EDM7 - Vanilla Flavouring Watercolour Painting

Here is EDM 7 - Draw a bottle, jar or tin from the kitchen.  I tried drawing a jar of Tropical Sun Mollasses because of the colourful label but it wasn't very good. Then I tried Dunn's River Tropical Seasoning using watercolour pencils and wasn't too impressed with that either because I couldn't do the ellipticals properly.  I think I was both bored and tired when doing these.  See horrendous failed results below:

Really bad aren't they?

In the end I chose a tiny bottle of Vanilla Flavouring and this time I did a quick sketch and painted it using my trusted watercolours.  It felt right using watercolours because I'm more comfortable with them and I love to use Vanilla flavouring when I'm making pancakes at home. It turned out not bad. I think the combination of using a media I love and an item I love worked well for me.  Maybe art turns out better when you're depicting something or someone you have a connection to.  Here is the Vanilla Bottle: