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  1. Recently, I was getting some artwork ready for an upcoming exhibition and as you may or may not know, this can often involve testing how they look in various frames and mounts.

    I had one particular painting that I painted last year, that started bugging me everytime I looked at it.  There were elements I loved such as the colour palette, the line drawings of flower shapes in ink and the metallic watercolour highlights, but it seemed like there was something a bit lacking.  I looked and looked at the painting, as I tried it in various frames, trying to figure out what was bothering me.  This was especially frustrating because before this, I was perfectly happy with it and therefore had even exhibited it before.

    In the end I decided to just sit quietly with it, gently play around with it and see if I could figure out what it needed as I went along.

    The painting is called 'Enchanted Garden' and this is how it looked before:


    It went through various stages as I looked at reference images online and made decisions about which direction to go in: 

    enchant-mount-prog-1  enchant-mount-prog-2  enchant-mount-prog-3 
    enchant-mount-prog-4 enchant-mount-prog-5  enchant-mount-prog-6 

  2. I recently finished a little mini series of abstract pieces, which are colourful and full of visual texture.


    The mini series is called Speedway and consists of 3 paintings.  I love how they turned out and I'm eager to work this way again and maybe this time do a larger collection of work.  It was fun working on these 3 at the same time and seeing them come together as a collection, whilst still having their own little personalities.  

  3. Hi all,

    I just wanted to let you all know about some new artwork I've recently added to my online shop.  I have added some original art that is a mixture of Mixed Media paintings, Watercolour paintings and some fineliner ink drawings.  I'm finding that I'm more and more inspired by the natural properties of watercolour and some of my recent paintings are based on the movement of water and imaginary underwater worlds.  I also really enjoy drawing patterns and abstract shapes.

    The painting below is called 'Enchanted Garden' and features lovely watercolours and black fineliner details.  I've also include metallic watercolour highlights which gives certain areas of the painting lovely sparkling quality:


  4. Hi everyone,

    I have some gorgeous new art prints available right now in my shop.

    These afrocentric prints are perfect to use as stunning wall art in any room of your home and they will be sure to enhance the atmosphere and provide a sense of comfort and inspiration for years to come. 

    They are all A4 size (approx. 210mm x 297mm or 11.7" x 8.3") and are printed onto archival quality fine art paper.  Find more information about each new art print below:


    'Worthy' Black Art Print © Stacey-Ann Cole 2020