First Art Series

Recently I've noticed a pattern of drawings in my sketchbook that have come easily to me and that resonate with me strongly.  There is something motherly, nurturing, spiritual, elegant and expressive about these drawings and I really would like to explore the theme further.  These were done in pencil and coloured pencil but I will try watercolours as well.  So here are the ladies who will probably become a part of my first Series or Collection: Try to ignore all the other sketches peeping through!  I've been thinking of what to call the series and some options are 'Goddesses and Angels' or 'Woman, Goddess' but I need to do more thinking.  The title will have the word 'goddesses' in it though because my feeling about that is quite strong.  So what do you think?  Any series title suggestions?

My Children's Drawings

Hi all, I decided that I'd like to share some drawings that my children created recently.  They love to join in when they see me drawing and painting and I think my 7 year old son is developing a real talent for art.

He enjoys making me little drawings to welcome me home when I've been away or to say that he loves me  - which may not last for long so I'm gonna soak it up while I can!  His drawings make me smile as they're often very cute and cheerful.

Here's a selection of his art that I really like:

And not to forget my little baby girl who is nearly 2 years old and a little artist in the making too.  Here's one of her drawings:

and she shows me that making art can be a bit messy and there's nothing wrong with that!

Pencil Drawing of an Orchid Flower

Over the weekend, this flower fell off of our White Orchid plant which was a gift from a family friend. It looked so beautiful and sad that I wanted to try and capture that moment in time.  It's funny how I hadn't noticed all the details on the flower until I decided to draw it:

Here's a picture of the top of the plant which resides in our kitchen:

Isn't it just so lovely and elegant?  Well I think so!

New Direction for Creativesque?

Hi all, Sorry I've been so absent from the blog but I'm doing a lot of soul searching about the future of Creativesque.  Nothing that is doom and gloom but if you read my twitter and facebook posts, then you may have gotten a hint that I'm trying to change the focus of my business to be more art-related and I started with my website.

Creating art is what I love doing the most even though I do enjoy the card-making quite a bit.  However, for the last few months the two have felt very separate and I felt like I was stretching myself in too different directions and it just didn't feel right.  Whenever I used to feel like this, I found that getting back to doing art always made me feel better and more focused.

I can't see that I'll totally give up making paper goods but from now on they would all feature my art and illustrations.

So I would love to know what you all think of me focusing my work on the art side of things and re-branding myself possibly using my own name.  Maybe something like: Stacey-Ann Cole Art & Illustration?  Not sure yet! It will be a lot of work to change everything from Creativesque to my own name but I'll do it if the overall response is positive.

Thanks for your time and I'll be back to normal service soon!

In the meantime I thought you might like to know that I'm still working on new things and will be adding this original ACEO to my Etsy shop tonight.  It's called 'Waiting in Paris':

I think I'll do a bigger version of this too!