Finding The Time For Creativity

I could see that today would be another day where I was busy with different things.  Not necessarily all urgent things but mostly important things that needed to be done to keep everything in my life ticking along nicely.   Just going through another day of getting things done.  I could see that even though there was a longing in my heart to sit down with colourful art supplies, I was ignoring it because I had all these other things to do.  I thought that if I could just finish all the important stuff and clear my mind, then one day soon I would finally have the time to just sit down and do my art.

But I read recently in M. Scott Peck's 'The Road Less Travelled' book that 'If we feel ourselves valuable, then we will feel our time to be valuable, and if we feel our time to be valuable, then we will want to use it well' and it is a quote that has stuck with me.

I remembered this quote today whilst eyeing my art supplies and taking care of other things and I decided that I would like to value myself and my time more and create something today. I had a million excuses but I decided to make my creativity important too. Not the pretty, 'perfect for instagram' type of art, nothing that will necessarily lead to anywhere else, nothing that has to look good enough to share online, but just splashings of paint and marks on the page to fulfil that part of me that needs to create everyday.  And so I just did it.  No thoughts behind these pages, no studying of composition, no planning, just picking up art supplies from my desk and just using them.  Here are the results:


A lot of beautiful mess here and yet in amongst all of it, I see bits that I like and want to make note of.  Unexpected discoveries, lines and colours that one day could be used as inspiration for something else.  So in the freedom of just creating, there may or may not be the starting point for other works, but for right now, it's enough that I followed the whispers that told me to put paint on paper today.