Line Drawings, Typography & Playing Catch Up


I'm back from my break (more info on that in another blog post!) and have been playing catch up with a lot of admin and behind the scenes work that has piled up since I've been away.  So that's why I've been so quiet and not posting to Facebook or Twitter.  The last week and a half has seen me replying to enquiries, tidying and organising, making lists and plans and updating my accounts.  The UK Online Tax Return deadline is fast approaching so I've been working towards that too.  In addition to these, my youngest has been poorly and off school the last couple of days so this week has definitely been a challenge!

This all means that I've had little time for actually making art but I do like to find little pockets of time to be even a little bit creative. Since I started taking Lisa Congdon's Line Drawing Basics class, it has reignited my love of drawing, patterns and lines. The fact that it is self paced and there are no strict deadlines has been great too. Here are a couple of the drawings I completed as I followed along with Lisa's videos in the class.  They were actually more or less done before I left on my break, so when I came back I just finished off the little bits that were left:

Patterned Letters

I've finished the class now and it has certainly been fun.  Patterns and line drawings are already creeping into my watercolour paintings and I have some Works In Progress to show you in my next blog post, so stay tuned for that.

Until next time,