My Happy Piece Bracelet

Hi all, Just a quick blog post today to big up Isa Maria Seminega and her wonderful company called Happy Piece.  As stated on their website Happy Piece is 'A socially conscious accessories brand using design and business to empower women in Rwanda to proudly lift themselves out of poverty.'

I'm so happy to be able to buy from Happy Piece, support Isa and the women in Rwanda and at the same time enjoy the lovely pieces I've acquired so far.  I currently have one of their Woven Baskets which I keep knick knacks in and also one of their Empowerment Bracelets. I bought the Harmony Bracelet because I like that it has been made from different coloured papers instead of just one colour and I like the name 'Harmony' too.    The bracelet makes me think of groups of friends or family members, all different but all gathered together in love.

In a strange way that I feel a bit funny admitting, my Harmony bracelet makes me feel some small connection to the women in Rwanda when I wear it. I wonder whose hands made it.  Is she in any way like me?  How many kids does she have?  I wonder how much her life is different from mine.  I also feel like I've helped a little bit through my purchases and that I'm a part of something bigger than myself, which is a nice feeling.  Here's a picture of me (okay, just my wrist) wearing my Harmony bracelet:


I've gotten into a little routine whereby I sit down at my laptop, put on my bracelet or go to work on some paintings whilst wearing it and I actually do feel empowered by it.  I wouldn't normally believe in such things but I think because I have an emotional connection to the bracelet, it means that much more to me.  The fact that it's handmade by women whom I may have something in common with, who are trying to better their lives and support their kids really resonates with me.  And I'm sure this bracelet is a little bit magic as I seem to be getting lots more done than usual too!

So please go to the Happy Piece website to read more about their mission and browse through their lovely items, some of which are currently on sale.

Thank you!