Sketchbook Peek - Face Drawings

Hi, I just wanted to show you a couple of drawings that I created in my sketchbook recently.  I'm trying to create art without any end result in sight, just for the joy of it and to keep honing my skills.

I also would like to learn to loosen up a bit, let go of perfectionism and maybe try my hand at some watercolour abstract art.

Brave © Stacey-Ann Cole 2013 Watercolour Pencil on Khadi Paper

© Stacey-Ann Cole 2013
Watercolour Pencil & Brown Ink Pen on Khadi Paper


© Stacey-Ann Cole 2013, Untitled
Brown Coloured Pencil on Smooth Paper

It's funny because although I still enjoy drawing faces very much and will continue to do so, I look at the artwork I created above and it feels very safe to me.  I feel like I need to challenge myself more, try new techniques and not be so controlled.

So I will be continue playing and exploring and trying to have fun and hopefully document these experiments here on my blog.

Would you look at the drawings above and think 'controlled' and 'safe'?  I'm wondering if the thoughts I'm having about my art are actually seeping into my work or not so much?