New Watercolour Paintings

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share some new artwork with you as I've been very productive for the last few days.  Here are a couple of watercolour paintings that I'm quite proud of:

'Rosie Girl' Original Watercolour Painting approx. 6" x 4"

© Stacey-Ann Cole 2012

I've wanted to create artwork featuring children for a long time but they just never looked right.  So I've been practising quite a lot in my sektchbook and now I'm seeing results that I like.  The little girl above was inspired by seeing lots of my nieces and grand-nieces recently but she looks more like my daughter actually! I will of course be doing more of these since it seems like I've finally got the hang of it.

'Mothers Pride' Original Watercolour ACEO © Stacey-Ann Cole 2012

'Mother's Pride' Original Watercolour ACEO 2.5" x 3.5" © Stacey-Ann Cole 2012

The above ACEO sprung mainly from my desire to create more paintings featuring more than one figure.  I produce a lot of faces and single figures in my work and I wanted to start adding more figures and exploring how they relate to each other.  As I was drawing and painting this piece, it was clear to me that these two were mother and daughter.

I'm still working on more paintings so if you'd like to see some 'in progress' pics, keep checking my Facebook Page for updates.

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