New Stockists

Hi all, I was lucky enough in January to receive enquiries from two lovely ladies who were about to open their own bricks and mortar shops in London.  Each of them were interested in stocking my items and I was simply thrilled that had they thought of me and also by the opportunity to have my products for sale in offline shops for the first time.

I've kept quiet about it till now because I didn't want to jinx anything.  I wanted to make sure that everything was actually going to go ahead and that my stock reached each shop safely before I starting shouting about how I had new stockists!

Now that my products are with them, I'm very pleased to announce that The Step in North London now stock some of my gift tags and greeting cards such as these illustrated ones: 

Handmade Greeting Cards by Creativesque

The Step is a newly opened cafe, bar and gallery on Myddleton Road in North London and is run by husband and wife team Nell and Matt.  Their aim is to kick start the regeneration of this Edwardian shopping street by providing a place for the local community to meet, eat and shop.

My other stockist is The Strange Fruit Shop in East London.  They will be stocking some of my new printed greeting cards, some hand-drawn greeting cards and some of my new watercolour bookmarks too.  Here's what the bookmarks look like:

Handmade Afro-Caribbean Bookmarks by Creativesque

Strange Fruit is a greeting card publisher whose aim is to offer a modern and imaginative range of cards that reflect the diverse and colourful population of Great Britain.  The company is run by Denise Rawls who was offered a little shop in the newly opened Wood Street Indoor Market in East London.

Isn't it exciting?!  I'm really, really eager to see if any of my items sell well - fingers crossed!

So if you just happen to be in either North London or East London, please stop by and take a few pictures of my items in the shops for me - thank you!