Valentine Themed Watercolour Art

Here is a small selection of wonderful watercolour paintings, both originals and prints which would be lovely as gifts for Valentine's Day:

'The Question' Watercolor Heart Giclee Fine Art Print © Karen Faulkner 2012

I've always admired this artist's work for her skill with controlling the medium.  She is able to let it flow and show all of it's properties whilst still encouraging it to do as she wants.  I love this painting because of the mix of colours showing through and the incompleteness of the heart which reminds me of how unpredictable and wild love can be.

The vibrancy of the colours in this painting was the first thing that caught my eye and then upon closer inspection I saw how cute and in love the birds looked! Don't you think?
I love the happy, whimsical feel to this illustration and even though the above is a sample, your own custom painting should definitely be as fun.
I hope I've given a taste of how art can be as appropriate and personal as any other Valentine's Day Gift,  especially if you wanted to go for something a little bit different :-)