From Line Drawing to Layers of Paint

I've started working on the painting that I showed you all a few blog posts ago.  I'm still trying to use a subtler approach with the paint and I like the softer effect that I'm seeing.  Here is what it looked like as a line drawing:

And here's what it looks like with a few layers of paint:

I always marvel how different a line drawing looks after a bit of paint is added!

I'm experimenting with different colour schemes in my paintings nowadays so that I can practise colour mixing and using some colours that I'm not used to.  I started to notice that I was using a lot of the same colours in a lot of my paintings and I want to change it up a bit now.  Her hair and the background will be getting the colour mixing treatment so I hope it turns out well.

I'm happy with how this one is going so far and I'll be starting on the other soon too.

Thanks for reading!