Change Your Scenery to Get Things Done

I don't know if this works for everyone but here's a productivity method that I've read about but never employed before now.  The idea had crossed my mind before that I could bring work and my laptop into the kitchen with me when the kids are eating but I'm not eating myself, but I've always been afraid of crumbs and the ever present possibility of liquid spillages.  Like most people nowadays, I can't bear the thought of my laptop being out of commission.  Nooooooo! However, I've tried it a few times recently, keeping all potential disasters well away from my laptop and it's been surprisingly good!  I'm used to working at my table in the living room, which is a big, long table with my workstation at one end and my art/craft spread out around the rest of the table.  I'd never seriously considered that this set up would hinder my productivity in any way but I can't deny that when I have blog posts to write or accounts to do, moving my work into the kitchen helps me to get them done.

Laptop in Kitchen by © Bill Lim 2007Image © Bill Lim 2007

I'm wondering if it could be that my kitchen has a whole different aura to it or maybe the round kitchen table feels more spacious, but whatever it is, it's working and I like it :-)

So if you find yourself stuck in an unproductive rut then you could try moving locations.  And it doesn't have to be in the house either.  I've read about others who usually work from home suggesting that taking your work to local coffee shops, libraries or the park can get you out of a rut too.

Have any of you had success with this productivity method?  Please share in the comments below.  Thank you!