Valentine's Cards For Men

Yes, I know it's not even the end of January yet but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead and try to get something special for your loved one on Valentine's Day, does it?   I think it can be a bit difficult to find really nice and appropriate cards for men and not just for Valentine's Day, so I've put together this small selection to help you ladies out!

You and Me Valentine Card by myjuly on Etsy

I like the colour of this and the fact that it's not too soppy!

'You're Exactly My Type' Valentine's Card by RedLetterPaperCo on Etsy

Again, here's another one that's not too soppy.  The seller suggests that this card would be perfect for nerdy types or writer/editors, but I think a lot a guys would like this.  It's clear and to the point and even better it's printed on recycled card.

'I Love You More Than Shoes' lasercut card by Storeyshop on Etsy

I think this may be my favourite.  You can ask the seller to make you a custom card that replaces the word 'shoes' with a word of your own!

If you liked the card selection above, I'll be doing more as we get nearer to Valentine's Day so stay tuned!