I Miss London - Photographic Art

As the title says, I miss London.  I'm currently living in Peterborough but not in the city centre and while my neighbourhood is lovely, quiet and very family orientated, there are certain things I miss about London.  Such as:

  • My best friends
  • My mum
  • Regular buses to everywhere and anywhere
  • Hustle and bustle
  • A shop conveniently on every corner

To name just a few.  If I ever go back to London to live I may very well miss the peace and quiet that I currently have, but for now here are some nostalgic London themed photos that I found on Etsy:

'Night Rainbow' Fine Art Photographic Print © Keri Bevan

Double Decker Bus 8x12 Print © aroundin80frames

London At Night Original Fine Art Photo © Ronya Galka

I might do some non-photographic London themed handmade items in another post as I saw some really cute things whilst I was browsing.

Do you have a time or a place that you really miss?  Let me know in the comments below.