Some of My Old Paintings Revisited

I recently did a clear out of my etsy shop and deleted listings for really old paintings and paintings that I didn't like anymore.  I'm much happier with my shop now as there is lots of room for the art that I have planned for this year and it's already filling up nicely with pieces that I'm really happy with. During the clean out exercise I found myself being curious about what my old paintings would look like to me now and what I might have been thinking when I created them years ago.

Here are a few of the paintings I found:

'Ethereal' © Stacey-Ann Cole 2008. A4 Original Watercolour Painting

I remember having in mind a ghostly figure being glimpsed occasionally by the occupants of an old, crumbling house.  She wasn't a malevolent spirit but more like a lost love, gone too soon.  I kind of remember that I may have got the idea for this painting from a book I was reading at the time or a film I had seen.

'Purge' © Stacey-Ann Cole 2008. A4 Original Watercolour Painting

The above painting I remember represented getting rid of poisonous, negative thoughts and feelings.  It makes me wonder what was going on with me at the time why I felt compelled to paint it!

'Red Shoes' © Copyright Stacey-Ann Cole - Original Watercolour Painting

The first thing I notice about this painting now is how inexperienced I was back then because although I've signed it, I don't see a date on it! This was the very first piece of original artwork that I sold and I sold it through Ebay for silly money.  Something like £11 but I was so happy!  I worked really hard on it and I remember I thought of putting it on Ebay as an experiment to see if it would sell. When it did, I took that as a sign that I should send more art out into the world! Oh, and I still have those shoes but can't remember the last time I wore them :-)

The last two paintings above were done on Hot Press Watercolour paper and I'm noticing now how different the paintings look to the ones I do now on Cold Pressed Paper.  I had loved working with Hot Press because it was so smooth and great for detailed work but I think I stopped because Cold Pressed is more readily available.  I may go looking for some HP paper soon though and try working with it again.

Have you done any spring cleaning in your online shops this year?