Halfway Through The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Hello! I've been monitoring what's been happening as I've blogged everyday for the past 15 days (didn't blog yesterday unfortunately) and here's what I've noticed:

1. A Whole Lot More Visitors

This one I expected because I've posted links to my blog posts on facebook, twitter and on forums so it makes sense that a few more people would be visiting.

2. More Comments

I wasn't sure about this one because it doesn't always follow that when you post a blog, that people will comment.  What this means to me is that whatever I'm writing is having some effect on my readers - enough that they want to comment.  Of course this is great because it means people want to interact with me and it also means I'm discovering lots of new blogs.

3. I'm Developing A Routine

Because of this challenge, I've noticed that writing my blog posts every day is kind of non-negotiatiable.  I just include it in my normal daily routine as something that I have to do.  At the moment the ideal time for me seems to be after the kids have gone to bed and before I settle down to relax and watch episodes of Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy on dvd.

I've noticed a few other things too but some of them I'm not sure are directly related to me blogging regularly so I'll do another post at the end of the challenge.

How has the Ultimate Blog Challenge been for you so far?  If you aren't doing this challenge, have you ever gone from blogging sporadically to blogging regularly and noticed a difference?  Please comment below - thanks!