Handmade Watercolour Journals

I've wanted a watercolour sketchbook for a while now but they've either been too pricey for me or I just don't like the look of them.  I believe in journals that entice you to use them or they could very well sit in a corner gathering dust.   I would want a watercolour sketchbook that has thick watercolour pages and that has been handmade using the coptic stitch method.   When a book has been made using this method, it allows the book to lie flat and then you can have full use of the entire area of the page if you want to. Here are some of the nicest that I've found so far:

Kanji Watercolour Landscape Book by Karen Jinks of Chalkhill Studio

Plum Artists Watercolour Sketchbook by SouthJenni on Etsy

Tan Leather Watercolour Sketchbook by wayfaringart on Etsy

So there you have it.  A nice little selection to whet your appetite and give you an idea of what's available on the watercolour sketchbook scene.

Do you have any favourite sketchbooks and suppliers of sketchbooks that you'd like to share?