Why I Joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge

I'm sure some of these will be familiar to many of you but even so, here are my main reasons for joining the Ultimate Blog Challenge: 1. To see if blogging regularly is really worth it

I've always blogged sporadically and whilst I've noticed that some people have enjoyed my posts, it's never motivated me to make it a part of my regular online routine.  This year however, I decided that I wanted to find out once and for all whether I should make time for it as a part of my weekly schedule.  I want to find out what the real benefits are for my business.  I've read many online articles stating all the reasons why blogging is important for businesses but I want to know how that applies to me.  I've noticed some interesting things happening already but I'm not yet entirely sure that it's directly related to me blogging regularly so I'll have let you know my conclusions on January 31st or soon thereafter!

2. To see if I could actually do it

My key phrase this year is 'Challenge Yourself' and this blogging challenge falls under the umbrella of things I've thought about doing but never believed I could actually pull off.  Can I really start blogging regularly and make it a priority? Can I really write 31 blog posts during the month of January?  What on earth will I write about?  I want to see if I can really commit to it.  Imagine what a confidence boost it will be if I can reach the end successfully!

'You Can Do It' Inspirational Poster by Fenhood on Etsy

3. To expand my network

When I'm working online I like to make connections with people or else the internet can be a lonely place indeed. Taking part in group challenges like this one is a great way to interact with others online, share info and perhaps form new partnerships.  Of course internet connections can't really beat real life ones but since my business is online and I spend so much time running it online, I can see the benefit of connecting with others who are in a similar situation to me.  I've even heard many people talk about how internet friends have turned into real life friends or business partners.

Have you ever taken part in an online challenge of any sort?  If not, why not and if so, how was it?