Photographic Art for My Walls

I've been thinking deeply about what images I want on my bare walls at home.  I have a few bits up, pictures of the kids, one piece of my own framed artwork but my home needs something more.  I would love to be in each room during a quiet moment and gaze into an image to be inspired or swept away. Here are a few images that I found on Etsy that are just about the sort I'm looking for:

This beautiful image is called 'Let's Grow Old Together' by Myan Soffia of sixthandmain

Fine art photography print called 'Sweet Orange No. 4' by Jessica of Lovely Fitzgerald.

If I put this in my kitchen, it would certainly encourage me to eat lots of fruit during the summer.  And use my juicer more!

This decorative photographic print is called 'That For Which I Am Thankful' by Katya Horner of slightclutter

I love it so much because of the colours and how I could easily get lost in it.  This is the sort of image that I would probably see something new that I hadn't noticed before, every time I looked at it.

This post was so much fun that I will definitely be doing similar ones during the Ultimate Blogging Challenge.  Maybe next time there will be some of my favourite watercolour paintings.