Progression of a Painting

Hello all,This is kind of like a step by step type of post but really I just wanted to show how sometimes a painting can evolve into something more than I originally planned.  This is the progression of one of the paintings in my Serenity, Joy art series.

So after the initial sketch and drawing I started to add a little bit of colour.  The theme was always going to be 'Joyful' for this one!

Line Drawing for Watercolour Painting

Then I added some more colour:

More Colour Added to Line Drawing

At this stage I left the painting alone for a while as I sensed it needed something more but I was afraid of spoiling it by adding something unnecessary.  I had no idea what it actually needed but I was willing to work on other things whilst the answer emerged.

As I thought more and more about the theme of the painting the abstract flowers in the background became a much more important part of the painting.  Soon, the solution presented itself to me and I even came up with a name for the piece 'Dance and the World Dances With You':

Serenity Joy Painting No. 4

In the end I decided that the painting had looked too flat and needed a bit of depth so I added some mountains and some more of the dancing flowers in the distance.  It was at this point that it all came together and I realised that this lady's happiness is so contagious that even the flowers are dancing!

Sometimes I'm really surprised by how a painting progresses and I think I might do more of these types of posts.  Next time I'll take proper pictures of my process from the roughest sketch of an idea in my sketchbook all the way to the final fleshed out painting.  Sometimes the beginning and the end are quite different!

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