New Business Cards Featuring My Art

Hi all, I realised the other day that I didn't have any business cards with my new logo on which was created by the lovely and talented Tia of Who Ate My Crayons.

I chose to use the Moo printing service for my cards because I love the double sided option they give us to have images of our products on the back of the business cards.  I think it's a great way of showing people the type of work that you do instead of just handing them a boring old business card.

I chose four of my paintings to be printed and I'm about 95% happy with my cards.  The 5% unhappiness is purely my fault as I don't think the quality of the scans I uploaded were good enough and some of the images look a little bit fuzzy.  So lesson learned for next time!  Here are my new snazzy business cards:

Creativesque Business Cards

Creativesque Business Cards

I also feel good for having chosen the Moo Green Paper option which is a little bit more expensive but is still very good quality cardstock.  I mean, if there's a choice to go green, why not?