Art That I'm Working On

I've been quite absent online since the beginning of the year, but behind the scenes I've been drawing and painting when I can.  Here are some of the pieces I've been working on:

The three above have been done on handmade Khadi Paper which is quickly becoming my favourite art paper to paint on.  There are many more at various stages and I have a lot of ideas for new artwork too - my sketchbook is nearly full!  I'm also still working on my Serenity, Joy Series of paintings and will be adding more to the shop soon.

Starting now and for the rest of this year, I aim to start posting on this blog more often and show more of my process, ideas and inspirations.  Even if there are a lot of short and sweet posts, I think that the sharing and communicating will be a good habit for me to get into.  See you back here soon :-)