My Creative Space - Trying Something New

Hi, I was asked by my mum and a really great friend to paint some plain wooden boxes, each with their own specific image preferences.  My friend wants one to keep her 3 year old daughter's hair clips and bobbles in and my mum would like a box to keep her blank notecards neat and tidy and easily accessible when she needs them.

So this is my new challenge - eek!  I only just recently started using acrylic paints for an altered book swap that I participated in and so I wouldn't really say that I'm an expert with them yet but by the end of this project I might be!

I've found some suppliers of blank wooden boxes online and I've been researching about the best steps to take when painting on wood using paints and varnishes etc.  Safety is one of my major concerns since my friend's daughter would be handling it too.  I've also very luckily found a blank wooden box at home that housed my 1 year old daughter's wooden puzzles and which I've now confiscated for practise (sorry baby girl!)

So here's what my creative space looks like today:

That's just the lid by the way.

I'm taking pictures as I'm going along so that I can show you what I did and how it turned out.   I'll do the same when I've actually finished the two custom boxes as well.  Wish me luck!