UK Handmade Altered Book Round Robin - Kella's Book

Hi everyone, For the past month I've been taking part in an altered book round robin with three other crafters and it's been great fun.  I've been experimenting with new techniques and letting my imagination have free reign.  We all bought inexpensive old books from places like charity shops and then chose a theme for our books and because I think we are all new to altering books so we used places like Flickr to help us with inspiration and ideas.  Here is one of the links Altered Books on Flickr.

The first book I received was from Kella and her theme was Nature and the Natural World.  Here is a video of how she started off her book and all the creative alterations she made:

Kella's Altered Book Video

And here is how Kella's book arrived through the post, all nicely packaged in a shoebox:

We all have a section of the book to choose to work on and her guidelines for what she would like us to do are included in the envelope you see there at the bottom of the picture.  Kella also thoughtfully included a thank you gift in the envelope for each of us too which was nature related.  I won't say more than that as I don't want to spoil it for the rest of the Round Robiners!

Here are some pics of the pages I altered in Kella's book:

I'll be adding these and a few more pics to the UK Handmade Round Robin Swap Group on Flickr soon so look out for those!