Handmade Stamps

I've been meaning to write about a workshop I did last year at The Make Lounge called Hand Carved Stamps, Tags & Cards.  A friend and I went just before Christmas for a little crafty fun filled few hours.  My aim was to come away with some Christmas stamps and learn how to make my own stamps for future crafting.  I was thinking that they would be great to make hand stamped wrapping paper and other paper delights.  The workshop was filled with lovely ladies with varying experience of crafts but all enthusiastic about what we were doing.  It was taught by the lovely Louise Best who is talented UK book artist. So here are the stamps I made and that am very proud of:

Here is what they look like when stamped on paper:

I definitely want to make more but I think I should put these ones to some use first!  I'm not sure why I haven't used them yet but I'll be putting that on my to do list.