More Handmade Books

Here are the books I've been making recently. I've been experimenting with different sizes and designs so that I can offer a handmade book for my next giveaway. After trying it for the first time yesterday, I really like the idea of offering a set of matchbook notebooks for free on my blog. Maybe a set of two or three as they're so quick and easy to make and they are fun to embellish. I made this one by using this tutorial:

Here are the other two books I made but for one reason or another, they didn't come out how I wanted them, so no good for the giveaway.

This one has been bound by hand using waxed cotton thread It was then embellished with punched flower shapes and illustrated with black ink.

This one has also been bound by hand using waxed cotton thread. I then punched an entwined hearts shape through the front cover and then drew around the shape with a white gel pen. I think the pen marks look like I used white-out!

So those are my latest bookbinding adventures with more to come soon since I really want to make one or more that are good enough to give away on this blog.