Thinking about Christmas

Like a lot of crafters at this time of year, I'm thinking about stocking up my online shops with Christmassy items. I've already started making individual greeting cards and gift tags but I was also thinking of festive notecard sets, Christmas card packs, and if I can find an effective way to do it, wrapping paper too!  I would love to be able to offer handmade wrapping paper in sets with my gift tags and cards but I'm having trouble finding a printing service that won't charge exorbitant amounts to print my designs.  My printer at home can only take A4 sheets and I think that size might be too small for most people.  There is also the hand stamped option as spoken about in this post and I've also been thinking about illustrating by hand too but that could be even more time intensive than the hand stamping. I would also love to offer some gift items so I'm just brainstorming how to do it.  I was given a few ideas on my facebook fan page like bookmark and notebook sets with pencils showing my own designs.  Quite like that idea.

What do you think I could offer as gifts?  Any ideas will be appreciated!

Here are some Christmassy items already in my shops:

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