I'm having a Pink week!

This week I managed to get some crafting done but mainly just playing with ideas and enjoying the exploration. I sewed some kitchen towels and I also made a collaged card. I bought Lotta Jansdotter's book Simple Sewing some months ago and immediately wanted to try some of the projects.  However, I realised that I didn't have all the supplies I needed to do it properly such as a yardstick and enough pins!  So procrastination set in but I eventually bought the yardstick from ebay and the pins from the supermarket I think.

Yesterday I decided to make one of the easiest projects in the book which were placemats with chopstick pockets and then as I was making it I decided not to do the pockets and just make them as dish towels which I would find more useful.  So here they are!

I'm so proud of myself for finally completing one of the projects in the book and that it turned out so well and that I can use them!  The next project I want to make is a fabric tissue pouch but this is from another book I purchased around the same time called Sew What! Bags by Lexie Barnes.  Can't wait to make that.

The other pink item I made was this collaged card:

It is based on this idea I had months and months ago when I was thinking about making greeting cards.  It is made partly of patterned and plain papers and card and partly illustrated with black ink.  The picture below shows the idea that this card was based upon.

This was just on a piece of paper but I used old jeans material and a piece of cotton string.  I think I might still do this one since I have some jeans material left.

It's only Wednesday but already I feel so productive! Let's see how much more I can do by the end of the week.