Bookbinding Adventures

I made another book this week.  I'm still not entirely happy with the final results but I'm learning so much from practising that it's still gratifying.  I'm reading about lots of methods from tutorials on the net and sometimes adapting them to my own preferences.  One thing I really do love about experimenting is the use of recycled/upcycled materials such as old envelopes, cardboard inserts from tshirts/clothes and recycled printer paper.  I also really enjoy the sewing of them too. I just wanted to show my attempts so far for my own benefit and for anyone else who may be interested.  This is the book I made today using the materials I stated above:

Here are the others I've made over the last 6 months or so:

So there's the mish-mash of different looks and styles but I know I'll get better if I just keep trying. Wish me luck!