New Handmade Cards

I was lucky yesterday when my other half decided to take the kids out for a walk to the nearest shopping centre.  I was so happy and planned all the things I would try to make whilst I had the house all to myself.  I was slightly disappointed that I didn't make more but overall I think I was more productive in that couple of hours than I have been since the baby was born in January! Here are the two cards I handmade yesterday:

Congratulations Card

Bliss Card

Here is another one that I made recently as well:

Dream Card

To see some of the other cards I've made please click on the Product Gallery on the left.

I have more ideas for cards but because I like a bit of variety I think I'd like to try and make some notebooks next since I've been practising my bookbinding skills with some success.  Stay tuned for these!

Thanks and take care.