The Last VIP on the Coriandr Express - Tomato Tea

So here we come to the end of our journey with our last and definitely one of the most talented VIPs on the train, Tomato Tea.

I just love the name Tomato Tea as it makes me think of freshness and homemade goodness and that perfectly describes the items in TomatoTea’s shop. Apparently the name simply comes from a love of homegrown tomatoes and a good ol' cup of tea! It just goes to show that some of the best ideas are often the simplest.

Katrina who is the lady behind Tomato Tea, hails from Dorset, UK, is often inspired by the texture of things such as, cracks, stones, walls, wood, sand and the sea and I can definitely see these influences when I look at the colours of her purses and her yarns.  I’ve been admiring Katrina’s little purses for a while now and I also love her cute little birdie keyrings. She also makes crochet patterns, neckwarmers and spins amazingly coloured wool. One thing I admire about Katrina is that she spins and dyes all her yarn herself right here in the UK and they are so lovely that it makes me want to take up knitting myself!

Here are my favourite items from her shop:

Red Leopard Button Coin Purse


Pink Lemonade - 100% British Hand Spun Yarn


Little Birdie Keyring - 10 Colours to choose from


Yellow Button on Spirit Crocheted Coin Purse


To find out more about Katrina and Tomato Tea you can read her Coriandr Express interview here, visit her website, read her blog and follow her tweets too.

Thank you for staying with us during this inspiring journey along the Coriandr Express!  I hope you've enjoyed reading about and looking at the lovely handmade items available in the wonderful online marketplace that is Coriandr

I will be blogging a follow up post soon in which I will share my thoughts about the journey.  Thanks again.