Heart and Soil Baskets on the Coriandr Express

As you can probably guess from the shop name, Hen from Heart and Soil Baskets makes baskets! They are lovely and I heard somewhere (I think it was Kirstie’s Homemade Home) that using willow makes them so very practical and durable. On the show, there was an elderly woman who had hers since she was a child and after so long only needed the handle to be repaired recently. The love and passion shines out of the baskets that Hen makes and I just love the variety of uses her baskets can be put to. There are wall baskets, laundry baskets, pot plant holders and more.

Here are my favourite items from her shop:

Willow Linen Basket


Little Flower Girl's Basket


Willow Wall Basket

To find out more about Hen, read her Coriandr Express interview here.  You can also see more of her lovely baskets in her Coriandr shop, read her blog, and follow her twitter updates.