Recycling Household Boxes

I reuse a lot of boxes in my house.  Mostly I use them to keep my pens and beads and other supplies in and they are currently all over my dining table since I took it over for my crafting use.  It generally looks ugly and untidy so for a long time I've wanted to start covering them with decorative paper to try and make the table look a bit prettier.

So I bought a Xyron 510 Creative Station machine for really cheap on Ebay because it can add adhesive to almost anything that's not too thick and not too wide.  The width limit is 105mm wide I think.  You can also create stickers, laminate and make magnets with it so I thought it would be a good investment if it worked well.

I started with this small box that used to hold cotton buds:


and voila! 


I think it looks so much better now and it's much more fun to keep things in.  For the larger boxes I guess I'll have to try and use pva glue or something on large pieces of paper but it really was fun and easy using the Xyron for this project.  The edges do look a little rough but that's just my cutting and folding that I need to practise.  Overall I'm quite pleased and will be doing this again!