Making Handmade Books

I've been making some small books and experimenting with different binding techniques.  My favourite so far is the Japanese Stab Binding technique but I didn't bother to measure accurately or cut straight lines because I wanted to get on and just try it or else I'd worry about trying to get it perfect and end up not doing it at all! The next few tries I will be measuring and cutting properly and making it look pretty with decorative paper.  Here are some pictures of my first attempt at Japanese stab binding:


I upcycled some cardboard from t-shirt inserts for the cover, inside is some scrap printer paper and I sewed it together using some silky cord which I had to separate into strands because it was too thick to go through the holes. I would like to try coptic binding next but all the tutorials I've seen look so complicated.

Here are some doodles I did on the covers of the book and they show the sort of things I'll probably be filling the pages with!