CeeGeeJewellery on the Coriandr Express

The first things I think of when I visit CeeGeeJewellery's shop are beauty and elegance.  From the logo to the composition of the photos to the sterling silver jewellery it just screams quality.  You can truly see the love and passion with which each item has been made. 

Carolyn who lives in Cheshire, UK has always been drawn to beads and gemstones and is inspired by the colours of the changing seasons.  Did you know she used to be an investment banker?  Luckily she changed careers or else we would be deprived of her gorgeous jewellery, wouldn't we?

Here are my favourite items from her shop:

Silvered Black Lampwork Earrings


Polka Flower Earrings

Seashell Lampwork Pendant

To find out more about Carolyn and CeeGeeJewellery, read her Coriandr Express interview here and also visit her website, her blog, her Coriandr shop and follow her tweets here.