Watercolour Works in Progress Plus New Listings

Here are a few pics of the things I'm currently working on:

These are two watercolour ACEOs that I started last night and am trying to finish today whilst the baby sleeps.  The ideas for these ACEOs came about because ever since listing a watercolour greeting card in my misi shop, I've become fascinated with the character of a blue bird.  I don't really know why but when you get little inklings like this, you have to follow them don't you? I'm not sure where to list them yet since I have shops on etsy, misi, folksy and coriandr but like TomatoTea, I should really consider choosing one or two shops and just concentrate on those, shouldn't I?  This is the original greeting card:

I'm also working on these watecolour paintings:

I've also been listing some bookmarks, gift tags and mini envelopes on Coriandr:


Aren't they cute and lovely? Well I think so!!!  The pink hearts on the bookmarks and gift tags were created using a paper punch and clean Quality Street sweet wrappers and I like the fact that I've upcycled something to create something else that useful.

So these are the things keeping me busy right now and I'm really enjoying myself.  Look out for a post about Lynne and her PiratePixieCrew shop on Coriandr coming up later today.