Dig The Earth on the Coriandr Express

The Coriandr Express is a group of sellers on Coriandr who have decided to help promote the site and each other. We are keen to gain more traffic and exposure for our shops which should in turn help Coriandr become better known in the online world as a place to find quality handmade items and also help foster a sense of community amoungst the sellers who participate.

Each of us will have the honour of being the VIP for three days whilst the other sellers help promote that person and their shop all over the web including places like facebook, twitter and personal blogs. So all aboard those of you who want to come along with us on this exciting journey!

The first VIP shop is Dig The Earth and Kev, the owner, lives in Yorkshire, UK and loves to recycle old things. His awesome shop on Coriandr features handmade cards and customised mirrors. His designs are bold, colourful and cheerful and even better he only uses environmentally friendly materials such as 100% recycled card and biodegradeable bags.


Here are some of his lovely products which you should snap up quick if want them because he's having a half price sale on all his greeting cards until the end of May!


Triangles Card


Concentricity II Mirror


Together Greetings Card


 Hello Gorgeous 'With Compliments' Mirror