Handmade goodies that I'm working on


Since I haven't posted in a long while I decided to show what I've been working on because lots of ideas have been flowing and I'm trying to keep up with all of them.

First up is: Handmade Envelopes

I like the idea of designing something useful as well as gorgeous to look at so I decided to try my hand at designing and making some handmade envelopes.  These particular ones are going to be sized to hold ACEOs and ATCs and would be great for those who trade regularly and those sellers who would like to package their tiny art beautifully. 

With these prototypes I'm experimenting with velcro as closures or whether to not bother with closures at all (any thoughts please?). I think I've seen some readymade velcro dots for sale somewhere which will look a bit neater and more professional than my cut up ones shown in the picture. There are lots of designs flying around my head and I'm hoping to get them down on paper soon.

I've also been experimenting with my sewing machine, recently acquired from my dear mum who gave it to me because she wants to get a brand new one.  I made my first ever bag the other day and am quite proud of myself even though it is way too big and and very unfinished and not very stylish! 

My mum has been extra supportive though and has me making things for her.  The practise is good and makes me feel less scared about the whole idea of commissions.

This is a bag-in-progress for my mum which is being made with recycled materials.  The red checkered material my mum picked up as a remnant from a curtain or valance or something.  The denim is from an old jeans of mine that doesn't fit anymore (ahem!).  I've already made one mistake but it's been fun working on it and in the end it should look good.

She's also asked me to do some artwork for her because she's redecorating but I haven't taken pictures of those yet.  Will post those soon.

I'm also working on original illustrations on notecards like this one:

listed on artfire

postcards like this one:

listed on MISI

ACEOs like this one:

listed at Coriandr

and of course my handmade bookmarks like this one:

listed at Etsy

whew!  So I've been busy, finding inspiration everywhere and having lots of fun.

take care.