New Year Thoughts

Happy New Year to everyone out there!  I hope you've sailed into the new year with optimism and enthusiasm for all that will come in the future. I am certainly feeling good about 2009.

I have a couple of artistic and creative projects I'm thinking about starting this year like beginning a series of watercolour paintings and also trying out more handmade projects like greeting cards and bookmarks which I dabbled in last year. 

I'm looking forward to exploring where these projects will take me creatively but I'm just waiting for my baby to be born first!  She was due on 31st December and so she's late! 

So even though I would love to get stuck into my 2009 projects I need to concentrate on delivering a healthy baby first.  Everything is ready for her so I'll just keep planning and doing my little sketches and refining my art goals for 2009.

Enjoy the start of the new year everyone and I'll let you know when she arrives.