EDM 11 - Draw Your Glasses or Sunglasses

After a long hiatus from doing the EDM Drawing Challenges I'm back where I left off.  The last one I did was No 10 - Draw Your Hand or Hands and this is No 11 - Draw your glasses or sunglasses. I found it difficult and so attempted it several times until I was relatively happy.  It wouldn't have been a chosen subject of mine but it's good to come out your comfort zone and try different things which is one of the great things about the EDM challenges.

So here are three of the attempts I made and at first I preferred the pen drawing because I thought it had more personality but now I like the first pencil drawing because it has more detail added and looks more like a sunglasses than the other two.

EDM 11 - Draw Your Sunglasses

It feels good to be doing the challenges again and I do hope to keep it up.