Fine Artists of Etsy - My second Etsy Treasury

I'm one lucky lady to have been able to snag another Treasury so soon after the first one I created.  I'm really enjoying helping to promote groups of Etsian that I think deserve some more exposure.

This time I chose to do a Fine Art treasury because I've been reading a lot on the Etsy forums that there are a lot of artists (including myself) who don't believe Etsy does enough to promote it's many, many fine artists.  There is such a great mix of talented people on Etsy who create amazing handmade items but us fine artists are a part of that too and sometimes I wonder how many potential buyers even consider Etsy when they think of buying a piece of art for themselves or for a gift.

I would love for people to think of Etsy as another great place to find quality artwork online, so with that in mind, I decided to do a little promotion of my own.  I focused on those artists who have recently joined and also those who may have joined a while ago but don't have very many sales.

Here is a screenshot of the Treasury with a link to the actual page below it:


Fine Artists of Etsy Treasury