Two New Watercolour Paintings at Miss Ann Art

Here are the latest offerings in my Etsy shop.  The links below will take you directly to the individual listings in the shop.

I love drawing and painting faces and at the moment portraits make up most of what I have for sale at Miss Ann Art.  I find it very absorbing trying to get the skin tone to look the way I want and to pay attention to fine details and so after doing a portrait I always like to follow it with painting something a bit simpler and a bit more free flowing.  This usually ends up being an abstract of some sort where I can let my imagination take me wherever it wants.

Here they are:

This is called Off to Work.  I named it this because whilst I was painting her she just seemed like a regular young lady from London off to work, like I see almost every day.  The only difference is the lady in my painting actually seems happy to be going!

This one is called "Isolated" for obvious reasons and it was fun to blend all the colours into each other.  This is one of the reasons why I love working with watercolours.